Great life-changing world books by subject


This list introduces you to masterpieces and master thinkers of Western culture from Greco-Roman antiquity to the modern age (up to 1800 AD) and provides a guide to help you understand their meanings for both ancient and contemporary readers. 


This list introduces traditional Chinese literature from its beginning to the modern era 1919, and offer a guideline on how to read these texts in aspects such as important literary themes, practices and convention. >>Enter


The Rise of The Novel In The Victorian Age

This list contains texts penned in the twilight of a new emerging narrative formed called the novel along the triumphant Victorian era, reflecting on mass migration, colonialism, as well as making and remaking of gender, sexual and ethnic identities. >>Enter


The Modern Novel

This list surveys that period in literary history known as modernism to examine how different historical, social, political, and economic realities impacted literary production and consumption. >>Enter

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High Modernism In James Joyce

This list will investigate the most famous modern epic Ulysses, along with Joyce's other novels such as Finnegan's Wake, and Portrait of the Young Artist to reflect on how European environments played a key role in forming Joyce's cosmopolitanism. >>Enter


Visual Story-telling: Comics and Graphic Novel

This list guide you to study a medium that has been developing for thousands of years as it will concentrate on the 20th century and examine how comic strips, picture stories, and graphic novels, represent common human conditions. >>Enter


The Postmodern Novel

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